Healing & Aftercare

Permanent makeup requires about 10 days of special care to achieve an excellent healed result. Clients are responsible for 50% of the final outcome and failure to comply with aftercare can lead to infection, uneven color saturation, or total pigment loss. 

With all permanent makeup final outcome will be a result of 3 variables 1) Quality of artist work 2) Client’s immune system 3) Client’s adherence to aftercare. 

Client’s who do not follow aftercare or with compromised immune systems may require more appointments to achieve perfection. 


What to expect during the healing process:

Day 1) Fresh Tattoo: Looks good, weeps lymph and hurts like a sunburn. 
Day 2) Oxidization: Brows look large, dark and scary. Swelling may have them looking a bit lopsided. 
Day 3-5) Dry: Healing wound has dried out – keep them hydrated.
Day 6-10) Cracking & Flaking: The thin scabbing is pulling apart and is flaking away in fish-food like chunks. Brows will be much lighter in colour and quite ashy. 
Day 30) The colour intensity is starting to come back and brows are looking great.
Day 45) Skin is fully healed and you’re ready for your touch-up. 


Day 1) Remove lymph off your brows once an hour to minimize scabbing
Day 2-10) Cleanse brows 2+ times per day using mild soap and water. Apply aftercare ointment as needed to alleviate dryness.

Things to Avoid:
Excess water exposure which include: sweating, saunas/steam rooms, hot steamy showers, or washing your face in the shower
Chemical exfoliants which include: Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, AHA, BHA, 
Dirty Environments
Sun Exposure


What to Expect:

Lips will go through the most changes during the healing process. It is normal to be freaked out at how large and bold they look in the few days after the service.  Do not panic if the colour you asked for is NOTHING like the colour it looks right after the service, your artist should be able to achieve your desired colour based on your provided sample.  

Lips fade up to 70%, and will always heal softer than it looks in the after photos. 

Day 1) Swollen and much bolder than desired. If you asked for peachy coloured lips they may look like a dark, burnt orange. 
Day 2-4) Mild swelling, exaggerated colour and the worst dry lips of your life. 
Day 5-6) Peeling, the dark crusty pigment skin is flaking away. Revealing a soft, natural lip tint underneath. 

Herpes & Lip Tattooing

Up to 70% of the population has HSV1 (herpes virus) yet only about 20% of people get reoccurring outbreaks. This means that if you have been exposed to the virus at any point in your life having your lips tattooed has the potential to activate the virus. Lip tattooing will NOT cause you to get a coldsore if you don’t already carry the virus.

Client’s which have reoccurring herpes symptoms must get a prescription anti-viral (Valtrex) from their family physician to prevent the outbreak of coldsores. 

All other clients will be advised to take Lysine as a natural and affordable antiviral. It is not as effective at preventing outbreaks but will reduce the likelihood of having an outbreak. Lysine is an amino acid found in the food we eat and is a natural anti-viral. 


Day 1) Rinse lymph buildup on lips every 30 minutes. Apply aftercare ointment after cleansing lips. 

Wash lips with soap and water after eating.  Apply aftercare ointment after cleansing with soap. 

Day 2-6) Keep lips well hydrated with aftercare ointment. Applying a thin layer, often. 

Wash lips with soap and water in the AM/PM and after eating. Apply aftercare ointment after cleaning with soap. 

Day 6-30) Use a hydrating, SPF containing, lip balm to keep lips soft and hydrated. 

Spicy Food
Salty Food
Saucy Foods or eating with your hands
Whitening Toothpaste
Alcohol Based Mouthwash


What to Expect:

Eyeliner is the easiest of the services to heal. You will be mild-moderately swollen afterwards and may wish to have somebody drive you. Ice the area as desired to reduce swelling. There are not many visual changes eyeliner goes through in the healing process except it may get lighter for a short time. 

Day 1) Eyelids are red, sensitive, swollen and possibly lopsided due to uneven swelling. 
Day 2-5) swelling may be present but diminishing. Tattooed area will get dry and may flake. 
Day 10) Eyeliner is lighter than when initially done. Will be charcoal in colour. 
Day 30) Eyeliner has darkened up and is now black. 

Aftercare instructions:

Day 1) Wash eyes at night using mild soap and warm water. 
Day 2) Wash eyes in the morning using mild soap and water. 

After you’ve washed the lymph away the second time you just leave them alone.

Eye makeup and Mascara for 10 days
Do not rub your eyes
Eyedrops (unless medically prescribed)
Wearing contacts for 3 days post. 
Lash growth serums in the 60 days surrounding your appointment.