You have questions, we have answers!

Is permanent makeup, permanent? 

All permanent makeup will fade and lose its shape overtime. However, it is still permanent and may not ever completely disappear. 

Does permanent makeup hurt? 

Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing and a pain free experience should not be expected. Here at Brow Envy Edmonton we use high quality numbing products and we strive to keep you comfortable during the process. Most clients experience a maximum of 4/10 pain with average of mild discomfort or 2/10. 

Why does permanent makeup need a 6 week touchup? 

The application techniques of permanent makeup require very light hand to keep color true. If applied too deep your permanent makeup can change to an undesirable color. Because of the depth we work at more fallout is expected, as compared to regular tattooing . 

Why does permanent makeup change from brown to undesirable colors like pink, purple, grey? 

Permanent makeup is as much of art as it is a science and depending on the color your brows have gone it could be numerous reasons why it changed. Type of ink, depth of implantation, improper color theory, sun exposure, medical conditions like undiagnosed thyroid problems, and age of the work. 

Why does Brow Envy book online only? 

The pre and post care of PMU is extensive. Using an online booking system allows us to keep ontop of specific directions. It also allows you to control your appointment by moving them at your convenience. 

What are some things I need to consider when picking a permanent makeup artist?

Education – They should have at least a fundamental course and several supplementary courses. Experience – There’s no amount of training which will ever replace experience, the more work they’ve done, the better. 
Pre-screening – Does your artist have a good screening process to ensure you’re body is able to heal well enough to ensure your desired results. 
Healed photos

What kind of ink do you use? 

Brow Envy has chosen to use Permablend as our go to color line. It is manufactured in the USA, by World Famous Ink. Meeting all Health Canada regulations for safety and quality. It’s also one of the most stable and predicable inks on the market with no worry of pink colored brows. 

What if I have a medical condition which may prevent me from healing well? 

You must be in contact with Brow Envy before booking to ensure that proper steps are taken prior to your appointment. 

My existing permanent makeup looks bad, can it be fixed? 

Brow Envy offers a wide variety of options to restore your permanent makeup. This may include color corrections, shape corrections, removal or just straight working over it. 

What should I expect during my appointment?

When you arrive for your appointment you will be greeted by your artist and asked to fill out paperwork. Then we will take some photos, and have the consult where we discuss shape/style/color. Then we will get to work carrying out the plan we just discussed.