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Permanent Makeup Pricing

6 week touchups are $150. Must be done between 6-12 weeks after service. We require a 30% deposit to book all appointments. GST not included in pricing.


December Promo: $300 All PMU Services


December Promo: $300 All PMU Services


December Promo: $300 All PMU Services


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Non-Permanent Services Pricing

Brow Laminations

Lash Extensions

Lash Lifts

Brow Sculpting

Micro Needling

Permanent Makeup

Wake-up everyday looking and feeling your best. Ideal for anybody wanting to look flawless, with as little effort as possible.

Lash Lifts

Maximize the look of your natural lashes with a lash lift. An excellent alternative to high-maintenance extensions.


Reverse scars, fine lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmentation through your bodies natural repairing process.

Brow Lamination

Not ready to commit to permanent makeup but want great brows? Volumize and reshape your brows in 30 min.

Edmonton's Top Rated PMU Studio

Vada Sultenfuss
Vada Sultenfuss
WOW! This was my first experience with microblading and I am so glad I went to Brow Envy. The artist Luba is a pro. She was knowledgeable, efficient and just a delightful person in general. My brows look amazing and I'm their client for life. It was super easy to make an appointment, the staff were quick to respond to my questions and I felt really comfortable with the entire process. Clean, Quiet, they are keepers.
Willow White
Willow White
Very happy with my follow-up powder brows with Genee--would recommend it wholeheartedly for anyone seeking this service 🙂
Tanya Bridges
Tanya Bridges
I just had my eyebrows done at Brow Envy and I am blown away! From booking the appointment to getting the work done has been a great experience. When I called to get information/book my appointment, Genee was amazing and gave me everything I wanted to know. She was so helpful with matching me with the right artist for what I wanted to do, and was also there to answer any questions I had leading up to my appointment. My brows were done by Michaela and I could not have been happier, she is wonderful! She made me feel very comfortable and walked me through everything I needed to know. The work that she does is AMAZING and my brows turned out FANTASTIC! I am so impressed and I would HIGHLY recommend Brow Envy and Michaela if anyone is looking to get their brows done!
Keri Bauer
Keri Bauer
Genee is highly intelligent. She's very skilled at figuring out what will look good on each person. I had one idea in mind, but she educated me on the services, and which are used for different reasons. My eyebrows are absolutely beautiful. She's very smart, knows exactly what she's doing, actually cares about clients, and the results are absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend everyone to her. And I will be going to her for any future makeup tattoo/touch ups/everything.
Ali Hoffarth
Ali Hoffarth
Genee was so wonderful, she assured me made me feel comfortable Her work turned out very nice and I love them!
Anna Mah
Anna Mah
Genee is the best in the business. I wanted something natural and she understood the assignment! She took her time and has many years of experience. She knows how to handle adverse situations well and is very professional. She teaches the techniques to students and her studio and practice is hygienic. She takes great care to ensure health and safety details are followed by AHS. I highly recommend Genee!
Heidi Parsons
Heidi Parsons
Best place in Edmonton to get your eyebrows done! The owner is extremely knowledgeable. I got my eyebrows done by Andrea and she did a fabulous job!!
Kristen Rose
Kristen Rose
I have been going to Genee for 5 years or more. There is no one else I would trust to do my permanent makeup. I would however trust someone she has trained, under her supervision as well. Genee has great work ethics and ensures her clients are satisfied.
Meticulous detail with the eyebrow shaping! Lots of patience and willingness to listen to every concern. Also it’s great to know you can start small and make adjustments later in the follow up appointment if desired. Would recommend to anyone!

Some of Our Happy Clients

Some of Clients More Frequent Questions


In permanent makeup there are many different names that these services can be called. Microfeathering, feather strokes, micropigmentation, nanoblading to name a few. That does not mean they are different, just that an artist tried to differentiate themselves from their competition. 

Microblading: Uses a “blade” and makes cuts in the skin then ink is rubbed into the cuts. Microblading looks like hair. 
Powder/Ombre Brows: Pokes ink into the skin using a needle to give a soft filled in look. 
Nano Brows: Also uses a needle and machine to poke ink into the skin. But instead of soft shaded look it gives a hairstroke like appearance. This is the difference between shading and lining. 

How your brows look is dependent on the ink and style your artist has used on you. Hairstrokes will blend and blur together, resembling more a powdered effect. Powder brows will just get softer in color. 

If your artist used a mineral ink on you, your brows will be light and may fade away completely. If they used an organic ink on you, you will end up with grey eyebrows.

We do not have as much freedom in style selection as a person may think. Your hair placement, bones of your face and color is all pre-determined by your anatomy. Our job is to perfect what you naturally have and make you the best version of yourself you can be. Every single client that walks through our studio will get a fully customized pair of brows to best enhance their features. We work very closely with our clients to ensure their satisfaction. And prevent anybody from having brow regret. 

If you do not like the final outcome you can reach out to our studio and have emergency removal done within 72 hours. Otherwise laser is fastest and least invasive option for removal. We work with Reversal Studios often and refer any clients with bad work to them. Check out their website at reversalstudio.ca

Genee has sourced the highest quality of topical anesthetic from around the world. Making your permanent makeup experience as pleasant as possible. Most people experience a maximum of 2/10 pain during the entire procedure. Many clients fall asleep. The worst part by far is the wiping at the end. 

The 6 week touch-up appointment can be worse for some people. Microblading and eyeliner are better pushed from 6 weeks closer to the 8/10 week mark to keep discomfort to a minimum. 


Generally speaking the color that we choose is based on client preferences. We ask that you bring in samples of your favorite lipsticks and we will try to match it. If you want something natural we will try to match the inner part of your lip. 

Lips will require maintance ever 18 months or so. The lips are highly vascular area which turns over very quickly causing more rapid fading than brows or eyeliner. Additional factors to consider is the quantity of the pigment. So a very lightly saturated lip blush will last less time than a lipstick like application. 

Lips can and do swell during the service. Some clients swell lots, some hardly at all. Generally softer lips or lips which have lots of wrinkles will swell more than stiffer lips. Lips with lots of filler in them may also swell more. Swelling should be fully resolved within 3 days after service. The entire area should be fully peeled between day 3-5 after service. 

Getting your lips tattooed will not give you coldsores, but it can activate them. Around 70% of the population carries the virus (HSV1) that causes coldsores. Only about 20% of people who carry the virus get any reoccurring symptoms. This means that many people are walking around as a virus carrier. Since having your lips tattooed traumatizes the area, the trauma can activate the coldsores. When you book an appointment with Brow Envy you will be sent a detailed email on how to prevent coldsores from ruining your beautiful work. 


Eyeliner is the longest lasting of all the services. Generally requiring a touch-up about every 3-5 years. This does not mean that it will be gone, just that it is lighter, smaller and possibly cooler in color than what you would like

During the service your artist will stretch your eye firmly to prevent you from being able to open it and to almost entirely stop any fluttering which may happen. We use eye safe products including numbing, single use eye drops to flush the eye before, during and after service. As well as single use eye lid wipes. 

This makes for a fast and pleasant experience. 

During service we will numb your eyelids then map out your eye to make sure that the shape of the eyeliner is flattering and even. Then we will begin the service. Your eye is stretched, preventing you from opening the eye that we are working on. You will not feel much when we are working above the lash line. In the lash line you will feel lots of vibrations and many clients (including Genee) feels that eyeliner tickles among the lashes. For 95% of people worst part of eyeliner is the wiping. 

This is a tough question to answer. All clients will have some degree of swelling, some clients swell lots, some hardly at all. All is normal. Generally, thinner eyelids swell more than others, and thicker bolder eyeliners will generally swell more than smaller eyeliners. If you are worried about swelling, have your service done at the end of day on Friday, and by Monday all the swelling should be gone. 

Mission StatEMEnT

Our goal here at Brow Envy is to have every client walk out of our studio feeling beautiful. Permanent makeup is not just about art, but the science of the skin. We vow to always put our customer needs before profits. This means providing our clients with as much information as possible to make informed decisions, to refuse service to clients with unrealistic expectations and to do no harm. We will always take care of our clients. Guaranteed. Genée - Owner & Artist

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