About Our Artists

Michaela - Apprentice Artist

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Andrea- Apprentice Artist

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Luba - Senior Artist - 2000+ Permanent Makeup Services

Originally from Russia, this internationally taught artist has such an eye for beauty and symmetry. Her professional demeanor is excellent with a high standard of care. Luba has about 2000 working hours in permanent makeup making her proficient at meeting your expectations. 

Luba speaks English,  Russian, & Some Hebrew

Viktoria - Master Artist - 5000+ Permanent Makeup Services

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Viktoria speaks English, Ukrainian, Arabic (Egyptian Dialect) and Russian. 

Genée - Founder & Master Artist - 8000+ Permanent Makeup Services

Since her childhood Genée has been naturally artistic, slightly obsessed with the “math” of human faces and in love with human biology. These traits, plus unbridled childhood optimism left her wanting to be a plastic surgeon. A goal she worked towards for the better part of her education until family tragedy left her unable to pursue her dream any longer.
After the crushing blow of destroyed dreams Genée lost focus. She jumped from one job to another looking for something that would satisfy the passion she once had. Believing her previous passion was driven by her love of biology she became a Cardiology Technologist.
A job opportunity brought her from Vancouver, B.C. to Edmonton, AB, where she realized that her passion is not the human body. Unfulfilled with her profession she began that long search again.
While on maternity leave she found Microblading and Permanent Makeup. At the end of her fundamentals course she knew she had found “it”. The elusive, biology based, artistic outlet she has craved her whole life was in PMU.
Her medical background has given her the knowledge to SAFELY perform cosmetic tattooing. Her obsession with facial “math” and understanding ensures she’s choosing the most complementary shapes, styles and colours. The passion she has for this business drives her towards perfection and client satisfaction.
In Genée’s personal life she exhibits the same tenacity and drive as she does in her professional life. She’s a dedicated wife, mother, and professional mentor in the Permanent Makeup Community.
Trusting your face and health to anybody else would be risking everything.
“I may have taken the long road here, but I am better because of the journey.” – Genée Czako