MicroNeedling or Collagen Induction Therapy uses our bodies repairing process to rejuvenate our skin. Naturally.

MicroNeedling uses a specialized machine to create micro-punctures in your skin. This creates micro-trauma to the tissue and stimulates a rapid breakdown and replacement of old worn out collagen. 

MicroNeedling treats many different skin conditions including: Sun damage, fine lines & wrinkles, acne and hypertrophic scarring. It may also help to reduce pore size and tighten/brighten skin. MicroNeedling is a great option for a low-cost and low-downtime skin treatment. 

*Disclaimer* MicroNeedling is not right for all skin types, complexions and not all types of scarring. Clients with high risk of hyperpigmentation are not good candidates and are better serviced with other modalities such as chemical peels or RF MicroNeedling. Who is at risk of Hyperpigmentation? Clients with higher amounts of dark melanin (clients who are dark, or tan easily.) Boxcar and Icepick scarring are also not well treated with MicroNeedling with TCA Cross being the best treatment option. 

All clients should expect to need to submit a photo PRIOR to booking their service at browenvyedmonton@gmail.com this is to insure client satisfaction and that the right treatment is being provided for all clients.


MicroNeedling – – – – – – $300 per session
MicroNeedling Package of 3 – – – – – $850