Training & Education

A message to our potential students from Genee, the owner and Instructor here at Brow Envy Edmonton. 

“The permanent makeup world is an amazing community made up of women and men from all walks of life and social standing. Permanent makeup is an excellent side hustle, or career. It has the ability to provide you with “just some extra money”, or a lavish lifestyle. But please know before you spend your money on a course that it is not all sunshine and rainbows. You must work very hard to be successful within this field. You will spend hundreds of hours practicing techniques before being comfortable with them. You will feel frustrated, defeated and you will spend more than you make in the beginning. 

Your success is a direct result of the work you’re willing to put in, and the education you receive in the beginning. 

Your goal when entering this field should be to receive an education which lifts you up and gives you as many skills as possible to hit the ground running. Not just the fastest or cheapest course possible. Those courses will leave you questioning, second guessing and butchering faces. 

Always be thinking with the mindset of “if I take care of my clients, they will take care of me.” This has been my motto my clients take very good care of me. 

I have spent 8 years growing my business organically. Learning about all there is to know about permanent makeup.  Guiding clients, and students to ensure they are making informed choices. This is how I expect my students to operate. Ethic’s over profits. 

It’s why it has taken me 6 years, and about 6000 clients before I felt comfortable training others. I did not wish to add to the problem of over saturation of poorly trained artists. 

If you choose to train with Brow Envy you will be taught everything you should know before you ever touch needle to the skin.”

Wishing you all the success in the world.

Owner, Artist & Educator

Brow Lamination with Lash lift and Tint

Learn some of the hottest services with this 1 day training course. Brow lamination and lash lifts are some of the hottest trends in the beauty industry. These low maintenance services will keep clients coming back every 4-8 weeks. 

In your kit you will get enough product to earn up to $1700 (20×85$) 

Price: $1000
Small class sizes: 8 people maximum. 

Starter Kit:
1- Training manual
20 – Satchels of lift & set solution
5 – Lift pads
1 – Dolly Lash Glue
1 –  Box of micro-brushes
20 –  disposable dye containers
1 – package microfiber wands 
5 – different brow/lash tints
1- package of cotton rounds 
1- box of q-tips

Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup
Eyebrow Specific Training

This exceptional course has been in development for 3 years before being released. Not only will you learn the art of tattooing eyebrows, you will also be learning the required fundamentals to truly understand the art of permanent makeup. This course is MUCH more than a weekend  how-to class. You will be required to produce top-notch work. 

Number of days in class: 3 intense days of class 
At home practice: Immediately once you sign up for the class information will be sent to you
Price: $4000
Small class sizes: 5 people maximum
Instructor supervision: 5 models (1 in class 4 after class, in person or virtual) 
Models required before certificate: 10

Starter Kit:
2- Training manuals (Fundamentals + Brows)
1- Complete Biotek ink set (5 colours) 
1- Dragon Hawk  Tattoo Machine with Power Supply 
1 – box of tattoo needles
20 – Brow rulers
2 – China markers
1 – Package of microfiber wands
1- Package spoolies 
1- box of brow razors
1- box of pre-inked string
1- Brow Scissors
1- Tweezers

  • Curriculum
  • Client health and safety, including proper setup and take down of work station
  • Client and expectation management
  • Pathophysiology and contraindications
  • Skin anatomy
  • Predicting how your client will heal
  • Medications & The Skin
  • Needle & Machine Theory
  • Advanced Colour Theory including: Skin thickness, quality, sun damage, undertones.
  • Understanding their in and formulations
  • Numbing
  • Color Correcting
  • Emergency Removal
  • Different shading techniques, including whip shading, pendulum, packing
  • 3 brow styles including Ombre brows & borderless brows and defined bottom brow
  • Mapping
  • Healing process
  • Business Building